• Code of conduct

    Eightmood AB (“Eightmood”) is dedicated to provide the market with top of the line furnishing textiles and accessories with high demands on quality, design and innovation. Eightmood respects and appreciates cultural differences, but feels it is important to promote socially acceptable production conditions etc. As a Supplier to Eightmood it is important that all production is conducted in a way that is consistent with Eightmood values and with human rights. Suppliers to Eightmood must always conduct their operations in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and industry minimum standards in the country where they are operating and must also at all times follow UN conventions and other international conventions concerning Child Labour, Social and Working conditions and the Protection of the Environment.

    As a Supplier to Eightmood we hereby commit ourselves to comply with this Code of Conduct, and to ensure that all contractors and sub-suppliers used in the production process comply therewith:

    Working Environment and Workplace Safety

    All workers must have a safe and healthy working environment. Furthermore, the Supplier must see to that the following demands are met:

    • Reasonably clean and dust-free environment
    • Good and sufficient ventilation
    • All workers must have access to personal safety equipment and all machinery must be equipped with necessary safety equipment
    • All workers must have access to areas and equipment for personal hygiene
    • A first aid kit must be easily accessible for all workers
    • A fire evacuation plan must be established, fire prevention measures taken and fire fighting equipment must be easily accessible for all workers
    • If residential facilities are provided, such facilities must be safe and healthy in compliance with local standards

    Working Regulations

    • The Supplier commits to:
    • Not make use of child labour
    • Not make use of forced labour
    • Not accept any form physical or mental disciplinary action
    • Not discriminate on the basis of e.g. race, gender, belief, ethnic background or other personal characteristics
    • Not require a work week which exceeds local laws or business customs
    • Pay a fair wage and at least the minimum wage in compliance with applicable local law
    • Allow workers to freely associate with any workers’ association or group of their choosing or take part in collective bargaining
    • Compensate for overtime in accordance with local law
    • Obligations to employees under international conventions, national lay and regulations concerning regular employment shall not be avoided through the use of short term contracting (such as contract labour, casual labour or day labour), sub-contractors or other labour relationships.

    Handling of chemicals and hazardous waste

    Suppliers must handle and transport chemicals and hazardous waste in an environmentally safe way and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore all chemicals and hazardous waste must be labeled in a way that it can be easily identified.

    Use of Materials

    The Supplier must ensure not to use hazardous or prohibited materials in the products or in production. The Supplier may neither use protected natural resources or materials from protected nature areas in the products or in production. If the Supplier has reason to suspect that such above material is or has been used, it must immediately inform Eightmood thereof.


    • The highest standard of integrity is expected in all business interactions, and the supplier must comply with all applicable laws and regulations on bribery and corruption.
    • Corruption in any form is not accepted, including bribery, extortion, kickbacks and improper private or professional benefits to customers, agents, contractors suppliers, or employees of any such party or government officials.
    • Suppliers shall comply with all applicable statue governing the prevention of money laundering, and not to participate in any money laundering activities.


    • Eightmood of Sweden expects suppliers and any subcontractors to support our efforts in minimizing the environmental impact from making and consuming products of our assortment.
    • A supplier shall have a written environmental policy and an operational internal environmental programme to implement its environmental policy.
    • Measures to minimize adverse impacts on human health and the environment shall be taken throughout the value chain. This includes minimizing pollution, promoting and efficient and sustainable use of resources, including energy and water, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions in production and transport. The local environment at the production site shall not be exploited or degraded.
    • National and international environmental legislation and regulations shall be respected, and relevant discharge permits obtained.
    • The supplier is expected to continuously improve its environmental performance in the value chain by means of operational control and monitoring and by focus on awareness and training.

    Business ethics

    The supplier shall protect all confidential information provided by Eightmood. Suppliers shall adhere to antitrust and other competition laws. They shall also adhere to international trade regulations, and export control regulations.


    The Supplier accepts that Eightmood, by itself or by an independent inspector, has the right to make unannounced inspections to the Supplier’s premises. The Supplier shall at such inspection grant access to the entire premises and assist in the inspection. This Code of Conduct specifies minimum standards only. They should not be misinterpreted as maximum limits. If any of the requirements in this Code of Conduct should be in violation of the national law in the territory in which the Supplier operates, such law should always be followed. In such case, the Supplier must inform Eightmood immediately upon receiving this Code of Conduct.

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